the 1st tap Takes a photo

the 2nd tap Mails it wherever you want.

Mail photos easier than ever.

With photo&mail you mail a photo with two taps only: one tap to take a picture and another one to mail it wherever you like.

The trick is to set up your favorite recipients. Once you?ve done that you will literally only need two taps. You can autopost to your blog, send pictures to your printer or just keep your girlfriend up to date. Get creative! There are tons of processes that involve emailing that get a lot easier with photo&mail.

photo&mail is also secure: apart from the pictures you want to keep it won't save any of your data except for your mailserver log-in which will only be stored to your iOS keychain.

Features & Functions

  • Easily create new recipients for every picture

    By selecting them from your contact list or by entering them manually.

  • Set up to 4 favorites that will be kept in the list

    Favorites can be marked as recipients every time you send a photo.

  • Keep your last selection

    The favorites you marked as recipients will stay selected. So you only need 2 taps to send a photo to the same favorites again.

  • Use any mail server you like

    If you want to send images via iOS mail client, you can do that, too.

  • Keep your data safe

    Your server log-in will be stored in your iOS key-chain and that's it.


photo&mail is developed by °visualcosmos. For any questions, issues and feedback please send us an email. Thank you for your help and appreciation.